The summary of 3D Mesh Panel industry



Steel construction for high construction;


Nowadays, because the requirement of building insulation, flame retardance, insulation hanging system become very strictly, EPS mesh panel always is one of major application;
It made of steel wire frame and EPS block board. The advantage is as below:


1. Light weight: less than 4kg/㎡;
2. Good load-bearing: size: 8 feet X4 feet; thickness:110mm; covered by cement; the heating insulation is 0.5W/(m.k).
3. Heat insulation and warm-keeping. As EPS is highly thermal insulation, The 3D panel can be thermally insulated with 0.5 W/ (m.k).
4. Reliable steel mesh structure, perfect adherence between cement and sand; With 3mm steel crossing horizontally and welding with cement, The load-bearing of the 3D panel is above 300kg//㎡;
5. Good adherence of the 3D mesh panel with sand & cement in both sides which can insulated the fire effectively, it meets the State fire resistance requirement : B1 (construction fire prevention)
Besides of the above advantages, the 3D mesh panel also easy to be installed and splice with high working efficiency: as designed, the plate can be spliced into any flat shape such as folding shape and curving shape: and it is easy to lay inside apparatus(such as electricity, water, gas) and outside attached structure.
Currently, there is two typical application of EPS mesh panel: Single layer and double layer. Single layer is mainly used in lease than 5 floors, while double layer can used in lease 20 floors.



规格  Dimension of the board

宽度 Width

  长度 Length



Thickness of EPS


Single layer EPS






Double layer EPS






 In recent years, EPS steel panel has a widely application on floor and stairway which plays a great role on heating insulation, Sound insulation, Vibration proof, reduce house weight;




It has widely application of Iran, South America, South-east Asia and Africa now. We predict that this construction model of EPS steel mesh panel may have a good market in the future;