The feeling after visiting EPS packaging factory


 In recent years, energy saving and high efficiency become the urgent issue for all foam factories
because of the increasing competition. The machinery manufacturer also launched all kinds of energy saving machines.
From August 2011, our company technicians and sales team visited domestic (like Guangdong) and
overseas (like Indian) customer. We have realized that reducing cost and improving the profit,
not mainly from the so-called energy saving and high efficiency, but from the low pressure, big flow concept.
All the manufacturers are clear to this concept but always ignore it.
However, this concept effects the running situation and benefit of the factory.

We summarize and share the following elements:

1. Please stable the factory external conditions (like water, steam, air pressure);
For example, steam pressure, air and water are changeable,
especially the steam and water pressure will affect the performance of the equipment and the quality of the products.
It is similar as the traffic system. There will be a lot of problems when the road is not flat.
It is impossible for a car running in a high-speed.
Water system is the largest problem because most of the factories’ existing hydraulic is insufficient,
so the water cooling for the mould becomes quite slow and the vacuum cooling also becomes weak.
We suggest that each manufacturer make one-time investment, achieve good external conditions:
Steam pressure : more than 4 bar .
Water: Ensure 2 bar continuous pressure during water cooling. Please separate vacuum water and mold water .
Air: Ensure more than 5bar pressure,please separate the high pressure gas (control gas) and low pressure gas
(stripper, air cooled) .

2. Mould manufacturing.
Mould affects efficiency mostly, many factories know mold problems, such as small air inlet and air outlet,
uneven configuration of the water spray, few spray, seeper.
It is unmatchable with the big flow steam heating, primarily vacuum cooling, and complementary water cooling.

3. Leakage.
Leakage is always ignored or defaulted as normal phenomenon. Leakage will increase the energy consumption,
stop the vacuum cooling and high temperature demould. Meanwhile. Leakage will shorter the equipment service life , decrease the stability and increase the defective rate.