Happy New Year 2013


Words from Chairman:
To Our Respectable Customer & Partners,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your continuous support. It is your support that FangYuan made a rapid development in 2012. Hope you also have a harvest year in 2012 and a prosperous new year as well.

Because of continuous effect of the economic crisis, 2012 is a hard year for our EPS industry. Many countries and areas suffer an economic slowdown, which leaded a decreased demand of EPS packaging and building industry. Soon after, price competition began,followed by decreasing of the output and price, which highly pressed many foam factories. However, this is also a opportunity to reflect ourself and improve our company efficiency. Many foam factories didn't care energy saving and high efficient, which seriously waste much steam, material and electric energy. As a result of that, our production cost is increased and our profits are reduced. FangYuan position itself as "Energy Saving Year" in 2012. We not only launched many type of energy saving equipment, but also builded a professional team and visited foam enterprises and discussed about the improvement of energy saving. The discussion has bringed many of them 20%-30% decrease of production cost. Many enterprises achieved excellent profit in this hard year.As a result, we fully realize that:For a enterprise, only the high efficient and energy saving are the foundation of existent and the guarantee of development .

Of course, however, we know our work is not good enough. We haven't covered our technology and service to every foam factory yet. But we guarantee that we will continue this work at all times. We will get together with you, improve your production efficiency and decrease your production cost. Hope we all have a better development in 2013.

Finally, warmly welcome you to visit China and FangYuan.Once again, we appreciate for your trust and hope we can obtain your support all the time. Thank you !

Best regards,

Board of Directors
Hangzhou FangYuan Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd.