EPS insulation’s future


In the past two years, it continues to strengthen the fire-proof safety requirements of building, Especially, the No.65 document was published rashly; for the EPS panel is more harder used in insulated building field. So that different kinds of building materials are come out in market, Like phenolic aldehyde,rock wool, phenol and so on. However,these materials are mainly banned in abroad, owing to these materials in production and installation process even material itself greatly effects of pollution on the environment and the human body.


EPS insulation industry at the crossroads again, but, as in 2000, “white pollution” was effect packaging industry in same, after 10 years today, “white pollution” negative effect’s voice has gone already, with greatly popularized our recycling concept gradually. We believe that, EPS insulation panel also same as actively EPS packaging industry , Relying on its best insulation and cost advantages, strengthen our production process quality assurance, people will change his mind in EPS insulation in near future.


In addition, in recent years, For EPS itself fire-proof performance, We, EPS equipment supplier and EPS material manufacturer has made a great efforts.


1.Launched B1 graphite material of EPS.

2.Many kinds of fire-proofing agent mix with EPS to inflaming retarding. One of EPS beads coating fire-proofing is the key recommendation. Please see the process as follows:




Main process flow: fire-proofing EPS beads ,pre-expander , after expansion beads surface coating by coating machine, drying, go into the block molding machine to shape the EPS block, cutting blocks, same as normal EPS blocks process.

In market, EPS fire-proofing block has changed to EPS insulation performance, the processing of blocks has all kinds of insulation, resist compression and tensile advantages with better fire-proofing performance same as normal EPS blocks.

Note: At present, FangYuan have cooperated with many big EPS block factories for the processing blocks production in domestic and abroad, besides provide technical equipment innovation.

At the energy-saving and reduction with depth background, We believe, EPS will have a progress bright future in insulation market with good EPS performance and technical innovation.