EPS insulation material is getting stronger demand in construction market.


Outside: In 2013, FangYuan participated Canton fair, Chinaplas and other famous construction and plastic fairs in abroad. All exhibitions record statistics showed that Comparing with last several years, EPS building material demand have improved by 36% in global construction field this year.


China: After test using PU, rock wool and phenol aldehyde and other insulation material on China’s market in the past two years, it proved that EPS is the best with good cost performance insulation material. In Dec,2012, Ministry of construction was confirmed on the application of EPS in the construction.


Meanwhile, FangYuan’s EPS block machine and cutting line get a strong demand this year, we totally completed order achieved to 280 sets block machine line in past 6 month, greatly improved a new record production.




2013 Chinaplas fair


Dubai plasic fair

Lost-foam block mouldingm machine