2012 as "Energy saving and high effieiency" year


 1.Considering the slump of worldwide economy and intense competition, our board of directors positioned
2012 as “high efficiency and energy saving “ year . Efficiency and energy saving are key points of
our marketing opening. Meanwhile, our high efficiency and energy saving equipment makes a difference ,
such as E type shape molding machine, energy saving block molding machine.
In addition, we are getting improved from diagnosis of our domestic customer’s foam factory
by specialized technical team. We believe that only high efficiency and energy saving can make
companies live prosperously.

2.We launched E type shape molding machine in 2011. the machine has outstanding performance
in energy saving and high efficiency as we adopted the most advanced heating and cooling concept.
a lot of big project run successfully both in domestic and overseas market.
We sell more than 300 sets E type shape molding machine already.
SPZ100-200E plant

3,We launched high standard energy saving and efficiency block molding machine in May,2012.
This machine has strong output ,good fusion and outstanding performance.