ICF : Insulated Concrete Forms

1. What is ICF?
Insulating concrete formwork (ICF) otherwise known as permanently insulated formwork (PIF) is an insulated in-situ concrete system of building that is quick to construct and offers levels of performance significantly better than that available from slower, more traditional approaches to building. Popular in Germany where it was born in the early 50's, it is grown rapidly replica watches in North America starting as a basement construction and now has approximately 8% share of the low rise housing market in Canada and the USA.

Considering wall elements:

A) connection with Foam , wall and angle. Fixed the thickness. (simple construction way)

ICF BUILDING SYSTEM Insulated Concrete Forms ICF


B) two foam layer connected by plastic ties , the plastic tie can be made by injection machine, It can be changed. (it is easy to transportation)


C) Plastic tie are shape inside EPS foam, Which is very stable and strong. (fix thickness, difficult to transportation)