The investment and make new achievements

Northeast network Qigihar on June 15th news on June 7th, following a 120000000 yuan investment in the liquor processing projects, investment of 120000000 steel structure and color plate production line project, yuan 110000000 yuan investment in the production and processing bases of man-made board project settled in the East, the investment of the county and fruitful: Liaoning province Panjin Yitong Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd. the total investment 160000000 yuan plastic pipe production project located in Jing at the foot of the mountain.

It is understood, million tons of plastic pipe project with an annual output of Yitong Plastic Pipe Co. Ltd., the main construction of various types of plastic pipe production line 7, can produce all types of plastic pipe products 10000 tons. Projects are all production and deliver results, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 110000000 yuan, profit and tax 11000000 yuan, providing 130 jobs, for the promotion of Kedong County building materials industry development, increase local fiscal revenue, expanding urban and rural employment will play a positive role.

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