The EPS of Feng Xin of market of supportive _ laborious that national policy develops to polyurethane insulation material is mechanical

Follow world economic situation to had turned, together with anticipates domestic monetary policy tends become loose, industrial economy shows get warm again after a cold spell. Industry produces the data of polyurethane heat preservation that uses surely, it is industrial production precondition, it is one of element of stand or fall of resolution company economic benefits. The data that quantity of heat of OK and useful block up exchanges data of polyurethane heat preservation makes adiabatic material. Type of data of polyurethane heat preservation is different, coefficient of thermal conductivity is different. The material of data of polyurethane heat preservation is formed different, its physics hot function is different also, and mechanism of heat insolation of data of polyurethane heat preservation is put have difference, function of its heat conduction or coefficient of thermal conductivity also have difference with respect to each. Industrial the coefficient of thermal conductivity of data of heat preservation heat insolation often a few lower, mark demand and professional category mix detailed detailed catalogue to apply operating mode in detail closely related. We the adiabatic data that great majority of data of heat preservation of constant some polyurethane is much air, the bread that invents an An Yi to my mankind has very good effect, it is the mankind is no good surely one of little material. But those who follow human bread, industry is ceaseless begin, below the condition that skill of science and technology progresses ceaselessly, also rise ceaselessly to the requirement of use of polyurethane heat preservation of data of polyurethane heat preservation, the property of data of polyurethane heat preservation also perfects improvement ceaselessly. Data of polyurethane heat preservation pledges with its light density small, intensity tall, coefficient of thermal conductivity is low one class a variety of function are built in home bazaar is able to apply extensively and carry out adroitly with begin, data of horniness polyurethane heat preservation can make all sorts of plank and canal, tile according to user demand, also can have the spot pouring and epispastic exercise or spray exercise. The covering layer outside data of polyurethane heat preservation can choose glass reinforced plastics yellow jacket of shock-proof crust or black Huang Shuangju in order to enhance the compressive strength of heat-insulation layer and anticorrosive ability. Principal use at the canister of all sorts of cop icebox, lay aside, conduit, heat preservation, partition in building board reach housetop to wait, of data of polyurethane heat preservation two apply greatly: 1, build heat preservation: Include moulding gets together benzene board, crowded model gets together polyurethane of benzene board, spray is hard EPS. Polyurethane is current and best choose. Polyurethane already made the mainstream product that builds material of energy-saving heat preservation now. Build the heat preservation outside wall of heat preservation China and foreign countries, apply data of polyurethane heat preservation to show very long already. Building heat preservation to go up: Smooth roofing is waterproof heat preservation. Do not go up person roofing increases in season a multicoloured coating, regard the person on covering layer; as roofing, going up sit tile of; of brick of oar shop front carries slope roofing on the head. epispastic polyurethane gush issues an edge in roof boarding, tile fragment the oar is on roof boarding, won’t break out heat preservation of body of slip; wall. Epispastic polyurethane uses as wall body heat preservation has advantage more. Assemble type big wallboard, gush is between board costal region, felt is good close together. If use hollow block, heat preservation installs plaque, but epispastic polyurethane gush is inside hole, a place of strategic importance is filled plump. The metope of aspic library, spray blame beautiful. Current wall system changes very of crucial point is heat preservation skill, epispastic polyurethane can exhibit heat preservation of the wall outside basement of great plan; greatly waterproof, it is the place of epispastic polyurethane give full play to one’s remarkable skill, already heat preservation, can waterproof, leave out is other covering layer, with one action 2. Data of horniness polyurethane foam is in home a lot of building get carrying out applying in project of heat preservation of content wall body, this kinds of data has the use of not bibulous, waterproof with its, still have outstanding heat preservation effect together, become build currently be no good on energy-saving bazaar the product of new-style system heat preservation of lack, the waterproof layer that can replace a tradition and heat-insulation layer are applied extensively at housetop and wall body heat preservation. And already formed a variety of systems now. 2, conduit heat preservation: Russian crude oil is in charge of path China churchyard in paragraph choose a variety of homebred skill, equipment: Conduit chooses normal temperature airtight craft transporting oil, partial conduit chooses heat preservation of horniness polyurethane expanded plastics, defend the layer chooses polyethylene plastic. Build energy-saving it is a country parent time importunate is basic national policy, it is the significant move that our country achieves economy of low carbon green. Build action of energy-saving heat preservation consequently affirmation is taller and taller. Data of polyurethane heat preservation is current domestic and international accepted optimal builds material of energy-saving heat preservation, it is to finish a country to build energy-saving target to be no good surely a little kind omnibus outstanding heat preservation data. Data of polyurethane heat preservation is completely OK and satisfactory different the target demand that handles function of safety of the fire prevention below the circumstance. Polyurethane builds use of safety of fire prevention of data of energy-saving heat preservation to be able to arrive, and be necessary to accomplish. The molecular structure that passes constituent of pair of polyurethane material recipe and skill of smoke of flame retardant, curb are adjusted, but useful development is become burn the smoke density of the product the data of heat preservation of polyurethane hard EPS with little, low noxiousness. Polyurethane inorganic is compound heat preservation data, those who connected inorganic data is asbestine the good qualities of both of heat preservation sex with polyurethane data, will be data of the heat preservation outside building develop way in the future.

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