Material of new-style EPS machine EPS of _ of market of develop of each square join forces is mechanical

In recent years, because build the flame retardation of EPS machine material not beautiful and the fire that cause happens from time to tome, the requirement should build EPS machine when cavity is not being had between layer of material and body of basic level wall, adornment, when residential building is more than 54 meters highly, the burning behavior of material of its EPS machine is class A, colophony of epispastic phenolic aldehyde (namely phenolic aldehyde EPS) be included “ of new material industry catalogue item of 925 ” key. In the Beijing that finished recently old old village transformed 15 million square metre 2012 in, warming plate of phenolic aldehyde EPS more be included to recommend material, get be used extensively. Effect of the heat preservation in the EPS machine data that uses at present is good, mostly fire prevention performance is poorer, fire prevention performance is good, mostly heat preservation effect is poorer, accordingly, how the crucial point that heat preservation of give attention to two or morethings and fire prevention make EPS machine material produce an enterprise to undertake material upgrades, to this, the personage inside course of study thinks, the development of warming plate of phenolic aldehyde EPS should rely on an enterprise to be popularized energetically not only, still need a government to try to support in policy level. However, fine agree to seek advice from an analyst to express, the yield that grows quickly with warming plate of phenolic aldehyde EPS can be compared, its market demand increases relatively slow, make this market appears saturated condition, competition is intense, be in our country, although phenolic aldehyde EPS is included “ of new material industry catalogue item of 925 ” key, but had be notted include to build heat preservation to recommend material range by the country at present, regard a kind of new-style EPS as mechanical material, promotion of phenolic aldehyde foamy still has greater difficulty. Adopt technology of biology chemical industry, can extract colophony of fuel of black silk ribbon of xylose alcohol, ammonia, firedamp, car and phenolic aldehyde to wait, cost is low, benefit is considerable. Achieve information analyst Sun Chao to introduce according to eminent: Element of EPS of “ phenolic aldehyde has the good name of the king " of material of " EPS machine, it is deadening of fire prevention of new generation heat preservation, it is had light qualitative, fire prevention, smokeless, avirulent, without drippy advantage, be paid close attention to by more and more building materials enterprises consequently. ”The environment is benefited likewise. If we are based on mineral fuel use up will calculate energy, so the discharge capacity that the result shows to lacquer of true stone of heat preservation system can reduce 216 tons carbon dioxide. Already proved lacquer of true stone of heat preservation system can drop environmental negative charge, and have good ecological balance in order to satisfy but the principle of durative development.

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