Material of EPS model machinery

The heat preservation project such as warm boiler furnace is reached to go up with equipment of conduit of middling pressure vapour, chemical industry in general heating, use diatomite, , the insulation material that fiber of water broken bits, asbestos makes can reduce cost.
Price of broken bits of saddle molten steel is in 10 yuan every tons the following, and diatomite price is 130 yuan every tons, it is OK that broken bits of a ton of water replaces a ton of diatomite section leopard cost 120 yuan. On quality, when unit weight of water broken bits is stere of 600 kilograms  , coefficient of thermal conductivity is · hour · spends rice of 0.14 thousand card, when diatom person unit weight is stere of 600 kilograms of / , coefficient of thermal conductivity is · hour · spends rice of 0.15 thousand card, the heat proof quality of water broken bits returns excel diatomite. Additional, use water broken bits still has a lot of profit, because reduced the unit weight of insulation material,be like, also reduced the loading of one part conduit and conduit bracket, the use amount that reduced material and traffic.

Water broken bits makes material of EPS model machinery have two drawback: The first because middling of water broken bits adds up to the sulfide that has different deal,be, because this has to the metal,corrode action certainly. Those who be like broken bits of saddle molten steel is actual add up to S to measure for 0.060% , be restricted to be worth with respect to what exceeded general provision. What corrode to prevent this to plant is likely, must mix in metallic surface of insulation material take segregation step together: Device is reached in conduit apparently besmear brushs 2 lukewarm paint. This kind of processing, although want to raise some of cost, but the value of compared as a result of the broken bits that use water section leopard, that is very few still. The 2nd because water broken bits did not stick Gu sex,be, cannot shape alone with asbestine, because this cannot replace silicon bath earth entirely, must both mixes use.

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