EPS over 2.2 million tons of raw materials

Recently, the annual EPS industry event “China EPS Industry Summit Forum” was held in the ancient city of Xi’an, from the country’s more than 230 delegates gathered in the summit, jointly explore future EPS industry’s development.

EPS Houshu Ting special committee chairman at the meeting pointed out: This year, the northern town of energy-saving transformation of the remaining fifty million square meters area remains to be done, so in the three northern regions, EPS sheet usage has stabilized at a high level, the overall sheets dosage and about 15% higher than last year’s growth. On the other hand, EPS packaging products industry tend to be stable, although the Pearl River Delta region has not yet recovered to pre-crisis levels, but the difference is not obvious seasonal market, the annual overall amount compared with last year has been significantly improved. National foam manufacturing enterprises polarization serious, particularly small businesses more competitive and survival difficult. EPS production in China this year, more than 2.2 million tons of raw materials, products, the actual amount of nearly 2 million tons, EPS growth in both production and consumption in more than two. Resin production capacity 570,000 tons, industry-wide cumulative production capacity has more than 4 million tons. The presence of some enterprises operating rate of serious shortage.

China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao opening speech, he mentioned in his speech: EPS foam industry for its outstanding development performance attracted the world more and more attention, China’s plastics industry is one of the best . Although this year by the EPS industry overcapacity, and national fire performance of external wall insulation material stringent requirements, future prospects are uncertain, but in general this year, China EPS industry development trend is still gratifying.

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