EPS of _ of point of construction of engineering of heat preservation of roofing of market of raw material of EPS model machinery is mechanical-EPS machinery

Market of metal of EPS model machinery is with puffy metal market (cliff of obsidian, turpentine) the makings that it is collect, wait to expect for cementation with cement, gesso, mix into is blended into the additive of excessive and water and become, old since, roofing chooses market of metal of EPS model machinery to serve as heat-insulation layer all along, this also is product of manufacturer of market of the current metal that believe this world is principal use. Because construction is associated,can be of the standard lack, bring about project of heat preservation of roofing of market of metal of machinery of current EPS model was encountered a variety of problem, cast purchase of client of capacious metal market to pretend to be, incomplete production of second metal market brings about the element of incomplete next process does not talk, the standardization of the construction of market of metal of EPS model machinery of construction unit and standardization still also have very a paragraph long the route should go.

On common sense, roofing is waterproof the construction program of heat preservation is be versed in in roofing below waterproof layer laid market of a metal, because did not undertake squeezing ramming works, also did not have useful waterproof operation, encounter rainstorm climate to bring about roofing seeper, demand do poorly done work over again is very normal, staff of a lot of construction just believes after smoking dry seeper to still use wringing metal market to be blended from the beginning probably again laid with respect to everything is just fine, actually this kind of practice is fault.

The reason of do poorly done work over again is very simple, because the water portion inside metal market is very difficult rising is clean. The fact proves, if meantime does not have do poorly done work over again, the moisture inside metal market passed several years clean without rising still, the ceiling that causes a layer encounters fine climate there is drip happening when temperature rise is fast, caused the dissatisfaction of owner.

Platoon dry water can last construction, the answer is cannot enough, as a result of if the water of metal market interior is divided not if rising is clean, always grew, as a result of the change of external temperature, the moisture of metal market interior can follow rising and produce steam, make carry an indoor ceiling on the head to produce drip, make indoor ceiling be affected with damp be affected with damp, bring about indoor decorate attaint. The rising that because water is divided,also meets together, bulk swells the waterproof layer roofing damages.

For instance the existence of similar above problem, to EPS model machinery project of heat preservation of metal market roofing left hidden danger of great quality safety. Disaster of be on fire of alleged city gate reachs Chi Yu, if the biggest use market appeared current metal market problem, accredit meets what affect metal market prices further EPS machinery will come. Triumphant company regards metal market profession as leading person of self-discipline in, insisting to regard the society of a company as duty all the time, take us to share with respect to the construction key market of metal of machinery of roofing EPS model now:

1, the moisture of heat-insulation layer of cement material market is as dry as a chip and rear can undertake next construction;

2, exhaust duct must choose permeability the data stuff with good, low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

3, structure of steam vent amount should press standard construction.

4, the place that advocates project quality demand is high, the market of metal of new-style abhor ability in swimming in choosing warming plate, function of heat preservation of this kind of child is good, also need not make steam vent.

5, each are depicted, enough recommend of inspect manage odd potential energy chooses convert roofing, such more complete processing this one problem, and can be safeguarded waterproof a material.

6, roofing of make it slope, what can change flat roof is drab.

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