EPS model equipment dominates market of medium point

1, facing material is culture stone, equipment of EPS model should choose the board of 25kg/m3, after burnish ends, undertake solid is nailed hitting setting anchor, anchorage solid nails dozen set an amount to make the same score rice for every certainly not less than 6. Anchorage solid hammer is hit set ought to sunken enter ㎜ of benzene board 1-2, must not highlight board side. Anchorage solid hammer is hit set after ending, need instantly follow-up undertakes wiping making the same score to face of anchorage hammer disc, use material wipes face mortar for felt. 2, in mouth of door an opening in a wall 4 horn are stickup when EPS model equipment, should not have on horn board seam, application is whole board the method that reduces a gap is stickup. 3, be in in positive character when equipment of stickup EPS model, would rather make its exceed metope to be apart from certainly (2cm is controlled) , wait after EPS model equipment will be stuck entirely henceforth, unified play the cut after the line and burnish level off. 4, whole EPS system is right dry degree of demand is higher, in process of EPS machine system construction if encounter next pluvial weather, must use striped the other data such as cloth undertakes preventing rain. If encounter,is not raining case namely to 2 days after finishing, also must handle likewise inside limits of construction operation layer. 5, all it is good that obligate answers before EPS construction going out the preparation that the wall provides works, the fixed hammer that is like rainspout. 6, in process of EPS system construction, every end has EPS one layer namely special check and accept, by EPS construction manage of square, inspect, Party A reachs total package to just affirm jointly.

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