-Customer service season from July to Sep Styrofoam Machine

Company always keep all around the the concept having to do with “Customer at the outset & Best service”,and thus Fang-Yuan launched going to be the “Customer services or products season” at going to be the thirdly quarter concerning 2011.
In this quarter, company operation center not only can they pay most attention everywhere in the going to be the customer products or services throughout email,call or at best fax credited for additional details on make a multi functional full research everywhere in the machine operation of fang Yuan machines for more information about all of our dear customers. By this instance you Fang-Yuan get involved with for additional details on be of assistance our customers for additional details on go out and buy going to be the polyfoam machine answer to the problem at going to be the same a period of time
In addition, regarding going to be the old-fashioned cut off molding machine and shape molding machine, Fang-Yuan be of assistance the customer need to panic about upgrade going to be the software relating to PLC, hardware replacement these all is usually that greatly a big going to be the machine’s a drop and stability.

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