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The process of EPS products

The extruded foam products from a polymer, a nucleating agent and a blowing agent blend, by thoroughly mixed in an extruder, until from the mouth mold before the material has been maintained under pressure. Melt from mouthpiece outflow when it from the high pressure within the die into a low pressure or atmospheric pressure in the outer die lip, the blowing agent from a liquid to a gas pressure. The foam blowing agent is adhered on a nucleating agent in the melt, thus forming a foam structure. The bubble size and number of the holes vary depending on the added amount of nucleating agent, the density depends on the quantity of blowing agent used.

The trangle zhu EPS market at 1-4

Trangle zhu market EPS quoted prices remain stable, ordinary material cash reported 13400-13500 yuan / ton, fuel resistance reported 13900-14100 yuan / ton, the actual turnover of a single talk. Downstream plant-based, on-demand procurement to ensure rigid demand. Traders follow the market manipulator, flexible operation.

Mexico EPS Price declined

Market sources said on Tuesday, due to low raw material costs and weak demand, prices fell in March in Mexico EPS.

Market participants said, Benzene costs low, coupled with demand lower than normal levels, Mexico EPS average price decline of 3-4 cents / lb (66-88 U.S. dollars / ton, 51 – 69 euros / ton).