And the lifting of the ban foam tableware

Once the railway white pollution arch-criminal — disposable foaming plastic tableware in cut-off disabled after 14 years, now be allowed to enter the market. In a move that lets a person feel puzzled, the expert from the aspects of the question. (the March 12th JINGWAH times)

The lifting of the ban for fourteen years, suddenly once again go back to the way the name, or simply said, “do not take the unusual way”, but is wearing a “no” hat to dance, and dance happily, otherwise Beijing daily consumption of disposable foam tableware 400000 and not always falls from the day? The lifting of the ban, or simply had a plan of the lifting of the ban, to give consumers a reason. After all, and abolishment of not only related to the health of consumers, but also the relationship between the environmental protection and the environment, this is not a small problem. But even the simple narration are saved.

Because I was afraid of explain too feeble, consumers can not accept; or simply not to consumers as a thing, I do my, “why to want to explain to you?” All don’t know, can only rely on their own assumptions.

Mr. Lu Xun said: I have not fearing the worst malicious to speculate the Chinese people. As a consumer, I am afraid that can not be in the food safety repeated problems in the society with large noble hard reasons to comfort themselves. The author also only in the worst malicious speculation about “behind” the interpretation of.

First, CPPIA and international food packaging Association Qia revealing a hidden behind the interests of the chain. CPPIA vice chairman said disposable foam tableware is a kind of packaging material and safety, green, environmental protection, and in containing oily food or the use of microwave heating, security is difficult to ensure, at this point, I’m afraid CPPIA director not clear, but only talk about the good, reason where? “A barrier.”. Moreover, those with foreign garbage and waste compact disc made of foam and still popular tableware market, how big words “safety, green, environmental protection”? Most people understand that, CPPIA claimed that the product quality and safety undertaking “signed with the enterprises, why not include what enterprises, specific content is what the public disclosure of information? In the past decade, CPPIA for disposable foam tableware “Zhengming” always spare no effort, why? In this regard, the International Food Packaging Association said: because the ban affects CPPIA income. And in the silence of the lifting of the ban, in the sound of a doubt, seems to be the only medium CPPIA in hands welcome, so why not make the person produces behind “money talks, bullshit walks” Lenovo? This is it right?”

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