Advantage of epispastic cement insulation material is accorded with apparently but EPS of durative development former _ is mechanical-

Epispastic cement warming plate, it is current the most popular, also be the mainest outside wall one of insulation material. Can last below 1000 degrees of high temperature roast 3 hours and maintain integrality, still won’t produce toxic gas, again with housing materials cooperate, function of architectural fire prevention will rise greatly. This kind outside wall insulation material is able to bear or endure gently character shake, unit weight is light, cover an area of an area small, compressive strength, environmental protection is energy-saving, agglutinate force is powerful, sound insulation, heat preservation, light bear the weight of, life is long, offerred very big convenience for construction.
Building industry, the advantage of cement insulation material has been well-known, in the meantime, this kind of material also is the wall put oneself in another’s position that accepts favour inside the bound insulation material. Epispastic cement insulation material is belong to class A do not catch inorganic insulation material. Heat preservation is built in our country energy-saving (xjfengxin respect is having enormous contribution. In north, major building often does not have the level of annual living sex. Our country also is in advocate strongly raise dweller living level, in the meantime, the building of our country is energy-saving the respect is assuming very big responsibility, also be a task.
Epispastic cement warming plate, class A insulation material, outside insulation material of wall class A, cement insulation material, these wall body insulation material is our country what in building an industry, can develop continuously is important reflect, the country is energy-saving of environmental protection material rise, it may be said of epispastic cement warming plate is result cannot destroy. Incorporate is in one: Improvement builds an environment, of living level of the dweller rise. 2: Energy-saving environmental protection, the sources of energy that raises a building is used. 3: Increase those who build energy-saving material to use, be in especially wall body heat preservation this respect.

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