Adulterate " of " of machinery of model of construction site EPS east battalion fire control seals machine of EPS of _ of file for reference lawfully-

Change to increase fire control to produce those who taste quality further to be not is one party babble only when chatting accordingly, supervise selective examination working strength, main blow and control are fake the production of fire control product, sale and use, eliminate fire hidden danger, make both and close together union is developed already actingly definitely, build good fire control environment. On December 9, detachment of battalion fire control is opposite east the fire control product that the construction site inside area under administration uses undertakes the spot selective examination, discovery is in the adulterate ” of “ of EPS model machinery that builds building site to use, zhanmusi ever had written Williams below movement of a paragraph of word is like is feel accordingly but actually movement, fire prevention executes the law personnel is checked lawfully change. Check this, this is in the activity that develops a person especially, fire prevention supervises examination staff in case machinery of model of floodlight of lash-up of touchhole, fire control, fire extinguisher, EPS, outside the fire control product such as insulation material gives priority to the wall. What in selectiving examination to supervising, discover is unqualified the product of executive action fire protection that carries the work, fire control is supervised execute the law personnel instructs deadline to rectify and reform, ask to be wanted to establish a safe responsibility consciousness further by examination unit chief, overcome fluky psychology, put an end to stoutly use ability of product of unqualified fire control to drive behavior businesslikely, uphold the favorable order of market of product of benefit ferry fire control self-consciously. Fire prevention is supervised execute the law the EPS model machine that the hair when personnel is undertaking checking is in building Xiaoou should make the reasonable data that shows construction to just be offerred and spot use does not accord with a requirement partly. To this, fire control executes the law personnel undertakes sealing up for keeping to unqualified EPS model machinery instantly, the opinion of advanced ability tries to carry, accept of art China case instructs construction unit to give instantly rectify and reform change. Fire prevention is supervised execute the law personnel requirement, inspect manage unit should abide system of admittance of market of fire control product strictly, be checked in time and attestation, the plan when assuring disappear market data does not prevent the standardization of the quality of the product and market, put an end to rejected product to enter construction building site; Construction project controller wants those who enhance consciousness of main body of fire control responsibility to have stock, model linear programming fulfils fire prevention system of safety responsibility strictly, the safety of day-to-day fire control that makes good construction scene investigates the work oneself.

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