EPS block molding machine making the EPS panel for Steel sandwich panel: galvanized steel with EPS board, which is building all kinds of plants and movable house, at present, it basic adopts the steel panel for building in the domestic and abroad, the building costs is low and short periods. generally 6 meters in length. 3D panel: EPS board with mesh after coated with cement on both side, heat insulation and easy to install. the disadvantage is the height restricted, general the length is 3 meters. Strength not high , there are only using in some countries.

EPS shape molding machine make the ICF system (Insulated Concrete Form): ICF building original was designed in Canada and popular in Europe and America. at present, it is booming in Middle East, ICF is a kind of insulated building structure. Which is the most popular in developed country and hi-tech building market; There are so many advantages in ICF. Especially the heat insulation, sound insulation's effect is much better than Common insulation board, and it is easy to build.
Roof board system: cooperate using with outer insulation board and ICF system, this kind of insulated building is environmental efficient with good insulation effective.

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